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A simple guide to giving and receiving great blow jobs

In a recent sex worker group chat, the gals and I were discussing deep throating. One colleague lamented about the difficulties navigating her body position in relation to cock position and shape when giving a blow job — if the position isn’t right, it just doesn’t fit down there.

“Men don’t realize this and just try to ram it down before I can adjust myself accordingly. They ruin it for themselves.”

How tragic!

Dear reader, I present a helpful guide on how to achieve an amazing deep throat experience by considering body position and cock shape.

Consider the anatomy of the connecting parts.

The mouth (oral cavity) and throat (pharynx) form the initial part of the gastrointestinal system, which is normally where food and liquid get consumed (it’s also where cocks enter during a nice sloppy blow job.) They have a relatively fixed shape and size. Take a look at the diagram below.

The human throat is relatively fixed in shape and size. Notice the upward curvature of the oral cavity as it descends into the pharynx (throat). The muscles in the back of the throat help to initiate swallowing. That little dangly thing on the back of the throat is called the uvula. When the uvula, pharynx and oral cavity get stimulated, it can cause a pharyngeal reflex — or gag reflex as we commonly know it.

Penises, on the other hand, are a different story. Such variety the human penis affords us! Let’s investigate!

(Credit to Healthline for the images)

If we look at the variety penis shapes and sizes, we can see some of them could match up with the shape of a throat more than others; those with some level of curvature would probably do better than straighter phalluses.

Troubleshooting — How do I fit a penis down my throat?

Personally, I love giving a nice long blow job. (I mean, if you’re not getting all sloppy and gagging, is it really even a blow job?) But sometimes I find my endurance is limited based on my body position. If I adopt a standard face-and-eyes into cock stance, only so many cock shapes will really fit. Consider the examples below, using an endotracheal tube and dildos.

An endotracheal tube is what gets inserted into someone’s throat to help them breathe during surgery or while on life-support. The tube has a natural curvature that can be slipped down the back of the throat into the trachea (or windpipe). In this image the person is lying on their back.

Using the endotracheal tube example and some creativity, let’s imagine someone is on their stomach, attempting to give a blowjob. Notice how the dildo is curved similarly to the throat, and would probably slide in rather easily, barring any limitations in girth and length.

Downward Curved Penis

The position that would best facilitate this is some variation involving each person facing each other and their heads pointing in the same direction. They could be lying on their side or one person on their back, someone is standing or kneeling. You get the idea.

Upward Curved Penis

But what if a penis is curved upwards? It’s likely going to limit the depth at which it can be inserted because the position of the person’s head doesn’t allow for an upwardly-curved penis to be inserted in line with anatomy.

Again, the solution is to orient yourselves so that a penis can slide down the back of the throat easier. With this penis shape, you might want to consider a variation on 69.

Straight Penises

What about those with straighter penises? The wrong angle isn’t going to be very comfortable for anyone!

Here it might be helpful to have the person giving the blowjob lay back slightly so they’re on an incline, which positions the throat more horizontally to accommodate a penis that could be inserted straight in.

(Note: I do not have a solution for achieving levitation.)

Position is key!

This article only explores a small number of penis shapes, so if yours varies, get creative! Try something new. Use props — furniture, pillows, books, rope, whatever. The point is to make sure everyone has a wonderful experience, and this starts with ensuring the parts fit together. Adjust your body positions and check in with each other to make sure you’re all feeling good and having fun.

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